Hello world!

Ah boy, I am quite terrible with introductions. Well, this is me. I’m Abhinav Karan, an aspiring Neurologist – is what I tell myself anyway. In truth, I have no idea what I’m doing with my life. I just know that I love medicine, I love helping people (great fit right?) and that I must eventually write the USMLE. And so here I am, making comprehensive notes for all of you guys, all my followers and viewers. I hope this blog will help you in some way, and that you learn as much as you can from what I post up. I would have read numerous textbooks, looked at several videos, done several questions before making any post: So I hope you trust me enough to believe that what I write down should be correct. And for those of you who prefer learning by audio, video, or kinesthetics, I will try my best to post links for them as well. The point of medicine is, after all, to help and to be helped!

Happy studying guys!

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